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  • Multi-Use Temperature Logger
  • Battery Life: 2~3 Years Normal Use
  • Temperature Range: -40C ~ +85C
  • Requires USB Cradle

LogTag TRIX-8 Temperature Logger

    • Alert indicator – indicates if readings are outside of preset limits
    • OK indicator indicates if still recording and if readings within configured limits
    • Inspection mark in log by push button
    • Push Button Logging start
    • Rapid Download! Takes only seconds to download recordings
    • 'Pre-Start' logging - LogTag® can be configured to record even if it has not been started.
    • High performance at low cost
    • Credit card sized case – thin enough to be easily mailed “letter rate”.
    • Real time clock records time & temperature simultaneously
    • Easy to use LogTag®Analyzer software that runs on any PC configures LogTag® for recording then downloads resulting data for analysis. Data can also be exported to formats compatible with other applications such as Excel
    • Highly reliable and accurate
    • Re-calibration to achieve higher accuracy possible
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